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Initially, we weren’t sure if we would get married in Ireland or somewhere abroad; I desperately wanted to get married somewhere sunny and warm (which Ireland tends not to guarantee)! During a trip back to Ireland to visit Andy’s family, we visited at a few venues. The 3rd venue we visited was Adare Manor in County Limerick, which is close to where Andy’s father grew up and where his grandfather still lives. Notwithstanding its proximity to Andy’s family, I had never actually visited the Manor before; however, the minute we drove in the gates I fell in love with the place (which made Andy very happy) and choosing it as our wedding venue was unquestionably one of the very best decisions we made. The venue is a beautiful manor house with special meaning for Andy. What made it even more special was the genuine warmth and professionalism of the staff at Adare Manor – they took care of absolutely everything (with expert execution), which meant that we could focus one hundred per cent on enjoying our special day with our family and friends.

Until there is a UFO or intelligent alien life form filmed and broadcast on mainstream TV, it is unlikely that the general population will believe in all the sporadic UFO sightings that people tell us of each year. Confirmation from the Government or Nasa that Aliens really do exist seems to be the proof that we are all waiting for. The fact that it hasn't come yet is what leads many to believe that UFO's don't exist. Yet there is a LOT of proof that they do. I put more emphasis on historical proof then current ufo pictures and videos.

Absolute Grey Tell Me When It's OverAbsolute Grey Tell Me When It's OverAbsolute Grey Tell Me When It's OverAbsolute Grey Tell Me When It's Over